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From the time when he could first hold a pencil, David was always destined to become an artist.
At a very early age, he astonished his family and friends with the accuracy of his drawings and sketches. 
This natural ability developed into an obsession which set him apart from other children.


Despite attempts by his parents and teachers to 're-focus' his attention, he managed to avoid most academic subjects ( and definitely any sport! ) instead, escaping to happily draw and paint.
Inevitably, he attended Art College but was somewhat disillusioned with the lack of professional direction.
With this in mind, his father - a bank manager - was able to 'steer ' him into the advertising business - suggesting that "drawing nudes all day seemed to offer little future financial reward!"
This direction change into a new creative area proved to be very beneficial.
David took up all opportunities to learn other creative fields - from leading UK professionals - including 16mm film production, large format industrial photography, exhibition-stand design, printing, and graphic design. 
All this experience was to be later put into practice in his own business - starting his own Advertising Agencies in Australia and as an Advertising Consultant in the Middle East.


It was in Dubai, on his Birthday, that having been gifted a large box of oil paints, he suddenly decided to 'become the full-time artist he always should have been!' That very day, he resigned his 'blue-chip' clients and started to paint - and has never looked back!


David is now based in the tropical rain-forest of far-north Queensland and travels extensively. 
He invites you to view and enjoy the versatility of his work, welcoming commissions and discussion.

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“Classic Yacht”, a marine painting by David Rees “Morgan”, an automotive illustration by David Rees “Sydney Tower”, a painting by David Rees
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