A Life of Art

I can’t ever remember imagining that I would be anything other than an artist.

From the age of eighteen months, when a pencil was first put in my hand, it was the start of my lifelong love of art.

Even as a small child, I just wanted to draw, and observe and depict things, particularly complex mechanical things.....

There is a road from the eye to the heart which does not go through the intellect.


Whether in glass, water or metal, ‘the Reflection’, especially distorted, has always intrigued me and its creation of a puzzle which challenges the eye for a solution and interpretation.


Using truthful Realism, I like to introduce the viewer to ‘whimsey’ which needs their own interpretation or ‘take’ on the depiction.


With my childhood spent overlooking the Port of Liverpool, wherever I have travelled round the world my easel has never been too far from the sea.


I have a confession …. yes I love expressing nature and people on canvas …. but I have a weakness for interesting cars … 53 at last count!!


The ultimate test for any artist is the face and its moods and capturing a glimpse of that person’s single expression which satisfies and is recognised as the essence of their persona.


Cars and mechanical things fascinate me. My most prized possessions are my childhood Dinky Toys! No wonder then, that I love any opportunity to paint them!

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