A Life of Art

Orchre Dimension


Whether in glass, water or metal, 'the Reflection', especially distorted, has always intrigued me and its creation of a puzzle which challenges the eye for a solution and interpretation.

Radioactive Cashews


Using truthful Realism, I like to introduce the viewer to ‘whimsey’ which needs their own interpretation or ‘take’ on the depiction.

Ship at sea


With my childhood spent overlooking the Port of Liverpool, wherever I have travelled round the world my easel has never been too far from the sea.



I have a confession …. yes I love expressing nature and people on canvas …. but I have a weakness for interesting cars … 53 at last count!!

Johnny Jarrett


The ultimate test for any artist is the face and its moods and capturing a glimpse of that person’s single expression which satisfies and is recognised as the essence of their persona.

Sikhs on a bike


Cars and mechanical things fascinate me. My most prized possessions are my childhood Dinky Toys! No wonder then, that I love any opportunity to paint them!