Fine Art

David with a painting from the Marine portfolio

With a painting from the Marine portfolio

In Dubai, I began to paint in oil on canvas the many reflected images I saw in glass, water and metal creating ‘distorted puzzles’, which the eye never seems to tire of trying to straighten out! This juxtaposition between reality and image on the canvas creates some amazing patterns and shapes. Many of my Reflection works appear to be abstracts, however, they are actually realistic depictions, for example, of sunlight reflected in the glass of skyscrapers.

Portraits have always been important to me, especially commissions, when I can really get to know a person and work at capturing just ‘that expression’, which others instantly recognise. I have been a Member and exhibited with Portrait Artists Australia virtually since their beginnings in 2002.

My work was chosen and exhibited several years running for The Royal Society of Marine Artists Annual Exhibition at The Mall Galleries, London.

Recently, I have been exploring people and their transport (Wheels), with often whimsical depictions. The past few years of travelling all over the world, have given me the opportunity to find some fascinating subjects.

I started studying the great artists and their work at an early age and during my time at Wallasey Art School, UK and I have continued these studies ever since. I have mainly been influenced by the Realists and I have always appreciated the Surrealists and their ability to create a visual conundrum, for viewers to interpret as they please. I also love the spontaneity of the Impressionists. I have read a recently published book, which reveals history-changing revelations about Van Gogh’s life. I am now inspired to move into another phase of creativity…


  • 1998 Solo Exhibition, DUBAI, UAE.
  • 2000 Solo Exhibition, PERTH WA.
  • 2001 Exhibition Woolff Gallery, LONDON.
  • 2001-2005 Various Paintings exhibited in Royal Society of Marine Artists UK
  • 2002 Exhibition (Artist-in-Residence) St Thomas, VIRGIN ISLANDS.
  • 2003 Exhibition, Unilever-Faberge, Port Sunlight. UK
  • 2004 Portraits, LONDON.
  • 2005 Exhibition, View Gallery, LONDON.
  • 2006/8 Portraits, (and exploring new direction).
  • 2009 Exhibition, Zhengzhou, CHINA.
  • 2010 Solo Exhibition, Pace Gallery, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA.
  • 2011 Exhibition, ION Gallery, SINGAPORE.
  • 2012 Solo Exhibition, Koi Kemang, Jakarta, INDONESIA.
With a picture at an exhibition (ION Gallery, Singapore, 2011)

Exhibition, ION Gallery, Singapore, 2011 Courtesy Pace Gallery, Kuala Lumpur

Now, finally settling with a base in Australia and the UK, I can set about working and producing for local as well as overseas Exhibitions – and I plan to travel just once a year now. This will make fulfilling commissions and tutoring much more convenient for my clients and students.

I look forward to hearing from you.


David K. Rees