Commercial Years

Liverpool College of Art

Liverpool College of Art

A privileged, academic education failed to persuade me out of the School Art Room, and I subsequently attended Wallasey School of Art and Liverpool College of Art.

I joined the creative advertising world, and abruptly discovered the ‘real commercial world’ was a very far cry from the art college view! I produced ‘artist’s impressions’ of proposed industrial building projects throughout Europe from ‘blueprints’. Never missing any opportunity, I learnt large-format Photography, Exhibition Design, Printing and Graphic Design and Industrial Film Production with leading UK professionals, eventually writing and producing films myself.
An opportunity arose and I became National Advertising Manager for the largest, multi-franchise Car/Truck Distributer in the UK (ultimately handling 175 Dealerships).

The prospect of ulcers prompted a ‘time out’, so at 26, I set off to go around the world - eventually adopting Australia as my new home. After some ‘adaptive’ experience, I started ‘Motivators,’ my own Advertising Agency in Adelaide.

Here, I was able to indulge all my creative experience - now with all media - not only creating all print campaigns, but also writing/producing Radio/TV/Film etc. I still produced all artwork and creative and the clients loved that I could produce and sketch up concepts and ideas - right in front of them.

I opened up Agencies in Alice Springs and Perth, before severe recession found me in Dubai - after the Gulf War. The Emirate was just starting to grow, and needed creative expertise. My clients included Emirates Airlines, EPPCO Petroleum and General Motors. At that time, it was the fastest growing place on earth and it was here that I was fascinated by the distorted reflections in the many buildings/towers, rapidly growing up out of the desert. My 50th Birthday provided me with the opportunity to give it all up and start painting these images, and to become “the artist I always should have been”.

Commercial CV

  • 1967-71 H.H. Robertson (UK) Ltd, Ellesmere Port, Wirral, UK Publicity Assistant/Artist.
  • 1971-73 Oliver Rix Group, UK., National Advertising Manager. Bath.
  • 1973-75 Dateline Advertising, London. Account Director.
  • 1975-77 World Trip.
  • 1977-79 Levy Advertising, Adelaide, SA , Account Director.
  • 1979-80 Doyle Dane Bernbach Advertising, Adelaide, SA, Account Director.
  • 1980-86 Motivators Advertising, Adelaide, SA, Director – Creative.
  • 1986-88 David K. Rees Advertising, Alice Springs, NT, Director – Creative.
  • 1988-90 David K. Rees Advertising, Perth, WA, Director, Creative.
  • 1990-93 David K. Rees Advertising, Dubai, UAE, Creative Consultant.
  • 1993-95 Gulf Business Foundation, Dubai, UAE, Manager,
  • 1995-96 Whitelink Advertising, Dubai, UAE, Creative Director.
  • 1996-97 David K. Rees Advertising, Dubai UAE, Creative Consultant

Dubai and its unique shimmering cityscape insistently influenced my move to fine art.