Commercial Years

Liverpool College of Art

Liverpool College of Art

The Early Years

A privileged academic (and Dickensian!) education failed to persuade me out of the art room and I attended Wallesy School of Arts/Liverpool College of Art.

When I joined the advertising world (as a result of my father ‘engineering’ a position), I was exposed to a new level of creative influences and the commercial world. I was able to do artist’s impressions of vast proposed buildings from blueprints, and never missed an opportunity to do any artwork and learn new skills of commercial art.

The advertising world always needed the artist’s input and I was always able to keep my hand in even with my own agency. Clients loved an artist’s rendering of their product, depicted in a more favourable manner than a photograph.

I produced artist’s impressions for large international projects and worked with leading national professionals in film, photography, print, exhibitions etc learning all that I could, before becoming National Advertising Manager for the Oliver Rix Group (ultimately working with 175 car dealerships).

The prospect of ulcers prompted a ‘time out’ and at 26 I set off to go around the world, eventually adopting Australia as my new home and opening my first advertising agency in Adelaide. I was able to indulge my creativity, not only producing all artwork, but also in writing and producing my own TV and radio commercials. I opened advertising agencies in Alice Springs and subsequently Perth, before the severe recession in 1990 found me in Dubai. There, after the Gulf War, I supplied advertising and consultancy services to a wide variety of clients including Emirates Petroleum Products Company (EPPCO), Emirates Airlines and General Motors (Trucks).

Commercial CV

  • 1967-71 H.H. Robertson (UK) Ltd, Ellesmere Port, Wirral, UK Publicity Assistant/Artist.
  • 1971-73 Oliver Rix Group, UK., National Advertising Manager. Bath.
  • 1973-75 Dateline Advertising, London. Account Director.
  • 1975-77 World Trip.
  • 1977-79 Levy Advertising, Adelaide, SA , Account Director.
  • 1979-80 Doyle Dane Bernbach Advertising, Adelaide, SA, Account Director.
  • 1980-86 Motivators Advertising, Adelaide, SA, Director – Creative.
  • 1986-88 David K. Rees Advertising, Alice Springs, NT, Director – Creative.
  • 1988-90 David K. Rees Advertising, Perth, WA, Director, Creative.
  • 1990-93 David K. Rees Advertising, Dubai, UAE, Creative Consultant.
  • 1993-95 Gulf Business Foundation, Dubai, UAE, Manager,
  • 1995-96 Whitelink Advertising, Dubai, UAE, Creative Director.
  • 1996-97 David K. Rees Advertising, Dubai UAE, Creative Consultant

Dubai and its unique shimmering cityscape insistently influenced my move to fine art.

Dubai was the fastest growing place on earth and I was fascinated by the distorted reflections in the many, mirrored glass towers ‘growing’ out of the desert at an alarming rate. I started taking photos promising to ‘paint these amazing images’ one day. On my 50th Birthday, my girlfriend presented me with a box of oil paints and told me, (in no uncertain terms!) to "Just get on with it!"